What's New?!


Geoprobe® 6620DT

The robust design of the Geoprobe® Model 6620DT direct push machine has head's turning every time its tracks touch ground! One reason is the completeness of the package. From auxiliary power sources, a workhorse hammer, and a well-planned work area to an impressive list of optional equipment that makes it easy to offer more services to your customers, the Model 6620DT is very attractive to customers and very productive.


Groundbreaking Performance in Rock-hard Soil

The SYSTEM 4000 is the workhorse of vacuum excavators, with the brute force to dig deep down with air, locating underground utilities in even the hardest soils without harming them. Now you can dig faster, easier, and safer in soil that is hard, wet, sunbaked, or compact, including ground frost.


Geoprobe® 420M

This powerful little machine was designed specifically to be durable yet as lightweight as possible. At 20 in. wide, 62 in. tall (folded), and weighing less than 400 lb., the 420M can be manually lifted and carried to remote sampling locations. It can also be deployed to hard-to-reach and narrow sampling locations. The 420M is powered by a remote hydraulic power source (sold separately) which easily attaches to the machine or by using the auxiliary hydraulics from other Geoprobe® machines.


Central Mining Equipment - CME-75

The CME-75 has earned a reputation second to none for outstanding performance and reliability. It can be mounted on either a single or tandem rear axle truck, as well as an ATV carrier.

This rig is very fast. Retract rates of up to 90 feet [27 m] per minute mean quick cycle times when adding augers or tripping out of the hole. The dependable mechanical rotary drive is available with up to 13,000 foot pounds [17,628 Nm] of torque for auger drilling holes up to 16 inches [41 cm] in diameter.